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Tamara’s great strides

Tamara Piva is from Lockhart River, which is a small community in Cape York Peninsula. At the end of primary school, Tamara had no choice but to attend boarding school far from home because Lockhart River does not have a secondary school. She began her secondary studies at Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School (TACAPS) in 2017.

Although Tamara was homesick at first, she has now settled in very well. She has made friends and her older cousin, Barney, has joined her at the school.  TACAPS is now feeling more like a home-away-from-home for Tamara, who has thrown herself into extra-curricular activities.

An integral part of the college rugby league and rugby union teams, Tamara has also made strong process academically by applying herself diligently during her lessons.

“It was a big step for our daughter to move away from home. We are grateful that, with the Doug Hall Foundation’s help, we can send her to a school where she will receive a quality education. TACAPS have been keeping us informed about her progress, and we are very happy with how things are going,” say Tamara’s parents.

Partnering with TACAPS has a special dimension for the Doug Hall Foundation. It was the school Doug Hall chose for his sons, Simon and Roger.

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She may be far from home, but Tamara is making the most of the social and educational opportunities at her new boarding school.