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Students celebrate at seaside sculpture festival

SWELL Sculpture Festival at Currumbin Beach on the Gold Coast was the destination for a group of Doug Hall Foundation students for their end-of-term excursion in September. 

The group enjoyed a day at the beach – complete with a picnic and ice cream – and were inspired by the 51 sculptures lining the shores.

Pictured are Kooki, Darimah, Chloe and Elizabeth at the sculpture ‘Love Birds’ – a large replica of a Satin Bowerbird’s nest. 

The male bowerbird builds the nest and decorates it with blue trinkets to attract a mate. Here, the artist, Miles Allen, asks the spectators to write a loving message on a piece of blue plastic and attach it to the nest – a joyful way to spread some love! 

A helping hand at a crucial time

Doug Hall Foundation students marked the start of the September school holidays with a cultural trip to the Gold Coast.